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Presentation of the translation of the Liturgical texts by Anri Volokhinsky. Moscow, 2016

Переводы богослужебных текстов Анри Волохонского открывают пространство для творчества

Moscow, October 3, Yulia Zaitseva, Blagovest-info. A presentation of translations of liturgical texts by poet Anri Volohhonski took place in Moscow on September 30. These translations have long been used in the liturgical practice of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA). In Russia, they were published as a special volume in 2016 by «Probel» Publishing…

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Презентация книги прот. А. Шмеман "Литургия смерти и современная культура", 2013

Книга о. А. Шмемана "Литургия смерти и современная культура"

Moscow, December 16, 2013 (Julia Zaitseva, Blagovest-info). The presentation of the book "The Liturgy of Death and Contemporary Culture" (Moscow: Granat, 2013) by Alexander Shmemann was held on December 15 at the Pokrovskie Vorota Cultural Center. The book recently came out with a number of copies of 3,000 and is now almost sold out. So…

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