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Mission Statement

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The mission of RBR Inc. is to provide spiritual enlightenment from some of the greatest theological and spiritual thinkers and educators of our times to communities in need, including children, refugees, converts and victims of persecution or crimes. Our mission includes the sharing of traditional and contemporary Christian culture through literature and the arts.

Our program

As with any organization, positioning is key to promoting one’s message. Organizations in the non-secular world, in particular, position themselves through theology and, to some degree, community service. While this is both logical and critically important, it can reinforce the ‘us vs. them’ paradigm; in other words, conflict.

What RBR Inc. is seeking to do is to integrate into this mix the idea of Christian culture. The objective is straightforward: culture in the minds of most people is something you share and the sharing of the aesthetic view of the Christian world is meant to be an act of joy.

We initiated this new approach 7 years ago with our first grant to Artos Fellowship, an 

international non-profit that published a magazine called “Dary” (“The Gifts” in English). “Dary” is a magazine dedicated to contemporary Christian culture, covering topics ranging from iconography to art, literature, film, etc. The magazine is expressly about culture and not theology.

In the future we plan on hosting conferences on the subject with the participation of various religious organizations of the Christian world. 

The broader goal is not simply sharing with others of the Christian faith but also sharing with religious/cultural leaders of all faiths.

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