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New Bilingual Edition of Divine Liturgy to be published in 2024

Many people remember the publication of the Divine Liturgy with parallel Russian and English texts, published back in 1989 in memory of Nikita Kulomzin.

This was the first mass publication, in which to those chants, supplications, and exclamations that were said publicly were added prayers and supplications that were unjustifiably labeled “secret,” that is, which the congregation “should not” hear. These are primarily the prayers related to the Litanies and the Anaphora.

The circulation of this book ended many years ago, although the book can still be found in many parishes and private libraries. Our Foundation has received requests from a number of American parishes to make a new edition since the demand for the parallel text remains.

In July 2022 we began preparing a new edition, significantly revised and expanded. We hope to have the book published by the end of the year.

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