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Executive Board

Olga Koulomzin-Poloukhine

Olga Lopukhin-Krone, Treasurer
She is a grandchild of Sophie Koulomzin and niece of Olga Koulomzin Poloukhine. Currently residing in Florida, for many years she lived in Lake Placid, New York, where she was a hotel administrator, a board member of the country visitors bureau and of the local planning board, as well as president of a hotel association. Her fluency in the Russian language enabled her to serve as interpreter for visiting Russian-speaking sports teams and as their liaison with sports federations during their time in Lake Placid. She has served as RBR’s Treasurer for almost 20 years.

Emily Waters, Executive Secretary
She has served as a consultant in human trafficking prevention, research, legislation, operational and leadership support, and aftercare solutions in Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, and the US for over 13 years. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New York and Virginia. In 2018, she became the Executive Secretary of RBR. In 2021, she was appointed Coordinator for the Office of Review of Sexual Misconduct Allegations of the Orthodox Church in America.

Helen Troubetzkoy

Nicholas V. Sluchevsky
He is the founder of The Stolypin Center, a Moscow-based non-profit dedicated to rural economic development. Born and raised in California, he is the great-grandson of the Russian reformist Prime Minister Piotr Stolypin. The Center has shut down due to the war in Ukraine. Before leaving Moscow in 2020, he spoke at presentations of Dary (The Gifts), a magazine of Christian culture funded by RBR. In 2022 he has been working actively on refocusing RBR following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Marie Meyendorff (retired)

Memory Eternal!

Protobresbyter Leonid KishkovskyAdvisor 2000–2021
Fr. Leonid Kishkovsky (1943 – 2021) was born in Warsaw during WWII and grew up in the Los Angeles parish of Fr. Dimitri Gisetti, who brought Orthodoxy to Soviet citizens under the wartime Pskov Mission. As the Orthodox Church in America’s director of external relations, Fr. Leonid witnessed Orthodoxy’s revival in Russia and Ukraine and the origins of its current crisis. With that knowledge and as parish priest to Catherine Lvoff and Sophie Koulomzin at the Church of Our Lady of Kazan in Sea Cliff, New York, he staunchly supported RBR’s mission until his repose, offering spiritual support and practical advice.

+Vera Bouteneff
President 2000-2019

+ Catherine Lvoff
Founder, Executive Director 1979–1991

+ Sophie Koulomzin
Founder, President 1979–2000