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We are pleased to announce that the 2024 “Icons on Ammunition Boxes” calendar is now available for sale. Please order yours today and don’t forget that they make excellent gifts!The “Icons on Ammunition Boxes” calendars are an annual fundraising project that RBR Books undertakes to raise funds for Ukrainian relief. In 2023 we raised $2,500.

The price of the calendars, depending on quantity ordered, is:
Quantity Price, per item
1 – 9 $25
10 – 29 $20
30 – 99 $15
100 – 299 $13
> 300 $11

The current calendar by Kyiv artists Oleksandr Klymenko and Sofia Atlantova presents the Mariupol iconostasis. This iconostasis is a prayerful meditation on the tragedy that unfolded in the Spring of 2022, when Russian troops almost completely destroyed Mariupol, a small city in southeastern Ukraine. The city was founded by Greeks who relocated from Crimea in the 18th century and was dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. There is a terrible symbolism in the fact that the troops of a country that defines itself as defender of traditional Christian values and even calls itself “Holy Russia,” without any shame destroyed a city bearing the name associated with the Mother of God.

The mission of RBR Inc. is to provide spiritual enlightenment from some of the greatest theological and spiritual thinkers and educators of our times to communities in need, including children, refugees, converts and victims of persecution or crimes. Our mission includes the sharing of traditional and contemporary Christian culture through literature and the arts, as well as clearly articulating the traditional values upon which Orthodoxy is based.

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